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SERVING BUYERS AND SELLERS WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY! Jo is a long-time Atlanta resident and an experienced REALTOR serving the metro area.

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Row Markers Save Time

Kristin and Scott are two of my favorite clients, and we recently worked together again. Kristin’s brother referred the couple to me when they moved to Atlanta 7 years ago. We found a great house for them in Tucker – it had all the features they needed for their first home.
Recently, they decided they need to move closer to downtown, where Scott’s company was located. The commute from Tucker was getting unbearable. They also wanted to leave in a diverse community, so we focused on the West End area.
They were able to buy without selling their home, which was good since they had accumulated so much in 7 years and it would be a challenge to empty it. So we closed on their new home in May, and are currently working on “estate sales” to clear the rest. As soon as they are ready, I will consult with them on what they need to do to prepare this house for a quick, successful sale.
They are a joy to work with and have also referred several other CDC people to me to help buy homes intown.

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