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I so enjoy working in my backyard, figuring out where color needs to be, and greenery needs to flourish. I love the sweet time I share with my puppy, Gussie, who does not allow much work done, but maybe that’s why I love my backyard.

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Action: Fuel + Motor

My “fuel” for my clients is details and information. And, I don’t mind telling you, I have to have
a very large tank to hold all the fuel to be dispersed. I have worked with some clients for over 20 years, some 3-4 years, some 8 years and some just yesterday and, the common thread among them all is they want to know information.

When the deposit check has been received, over a period of weeks, I get the same questions from most. “Did you receive the deposit? Have you received the fabric or trim? When will the hardware be delivered? How long until the workroom can tell you a definite finish date?
Some clients who have worked with me for a long time, know the time frame involved,
need only a quick check in, but newer clients need a bit more handholding to get in the rhythm of our dance together. It’s not a problem—-it’s just information.

The circumstances for each client can be different, but if I do for one, I do it for all. Being proactive with the details and information about their job is super important. I don’t want them calling me. I want to be ahead of that curve of questions. Everyone seems to appreciate the details, the knowing of what comes next is satisfying.

This morning, I got a wonderful response to some long awaited news about client’s fabric we have been waiting on for months——client is elated and sends XOXOs. The designer involved said, and I quote “I always love when things are right on. Thanks so much for all your help and staying in touch with us on every move. You are delightful to work with.”

That’s the kind of environment I like to create and keep growing! Information is a powerful tool and I use it quietly and fully because every one of my clients is worth it. I enjoy building relationships from the beginning with trust and respect. Keeps me smiling!


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Getting caught up in the selection of beautiful fabrics and trims and changing the entire mood of a room is exhilarating! Service is what we are about and solutions are what we do well. The best of the best for our clients always.

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