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I so enjoy working in my backyard, figuring out where color needs to be, and greenery needs to flourish. I love the sweet time I share with my puppy, Gussie, who does not allow much work done, but maybe that’s why I love my backyard.

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Three people down from me is Kelly Reese. The person I think Kelly would appreciate knowing is a young lady I have worked with personally, Amber Blanford. She was in Power core for a while and most likely would not be considered for a new Visitor unless she needed to get back into the fold of referrals, but —–
She helps folks who got too much junk—getting it gone and organized but also her very strong point is she offers relaxation, powerful meditation and other wonderful areas of calming the spirit.
She helped me immensely when I moved to my office @ home, not only with the organizational part, but my mind, my spirit and the enormous “anx” that went along with that move.
She helped me with chants to calm myself down, to help me sleep and was amazing.
I would think Kelly’s clients have a lot of this—moving, anxing over a divorce, new home, moving children, just getting all those kinks worked out during a divorce, etc.–and this gal would be perfect to be connected to Kelly.
She is a gift to whomever uses her talent.

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Getting caught up in the selection of beautiful fabrics and trims and changing the entire mood of a room is exhilarating! Service is what we are about and solutions are what we do well. The best of the best for our clients always.

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    Taylor Design Consultants, inc.
  • 2690 E Ponce de Leon Avenue
  • Decatur, GA
  • 30030
  • Phone: 404-377-2970
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