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“When I hear people talk about Jodey the two most common words they use are ‘helpful’ and ‘hero.’ I highly recommend Jodey’s work.”
Cliff Ravenscraft
Podcast Answer Man

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  • Phone: 404-538-2637
  • Team: North Gwinnett
  • Introduced by Chuck Grennor
  • Joined on 060314

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The Seed of Their Result

Jamie has a large Instagram following. She wanted an opportunity to go deeper with longer form content. She knew a podcast would be a great way to do it.

However, she was overwhelmed by the conflicting opinions across the internet of how to start a podcast.

Jamie got my name and number from one of my clients.

I walked Jamie through my Podcast Launch Process via video conference. I showed her how to record herself and her guests in a high quality manner.

Additionally, I did the technical heavy lifting of getting her podcast infrastructure set up.

Jamie was able to have her podcast on Apple Podcasts (iTunes) in a matter of days.

Jodey Smith
Podcast Launch Coach

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Company Profile

I help people podcast.

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    Atlanta Podcast Coach
  • 4572 Old Suwanee Road
  • Buford, GA
  • 30518
  • Phone: 404-538-2637
  • Website:

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