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In travel, there are 2 types of prospects/clients I deal with. Those who just love spending their precious time scouring the various ‘dot com’ travel search engines and websites for a “great deal,” and those who value their time, are willing to pay a little more and trust me to find exactly what they are looking for. Once I gather all the necessary information to put a trip together, such as where? when? how many? how long? and how much?, I call the appropriate travel supplier (based on location expertise & knowledge) to get pricing & availability for them. I will call the supplier for them when changes need to be made to the reservation after it’s booked…sometimes having to hold for hours at a time. I will make the required payments for them, by the due date for the duration of the booking. If I miss a payment, I will assume the responsibility for them. I will call or email the hotel Manager to let them know when my clients will be arriving, and/or if client has any issues upon arrival. I will call or email them after they return to welcome them home and to make sure the trip I planned for them was everything they had hoped it would be.

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