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I’ve lived in Marietta since 2003. I’m the proud father of 5 children and 4 grandchildren. I love to help people figure things out. I love living 2 blocks from the Marietta Square. Life is GREAT!

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From 27 years of service in the US Army and as retired Lieutenant Colonel, I learned valuable lessons around leadership, decision-making and problem-solving. I taught all three formally for 8 years. In my coaching practice for leaders, executives, and individuals, many of my clients are looking for insight and empowerment in making important decisions in their professional and personal lives. I use many of the aspects and principles I learned in the service to help my clients achieve breakthoughs in their professional and personal lives.

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I am a motivational speaker and I offer executive and personal coaching, leadership development, and relationship coaching. Individual sessions, workshops, seminars, mastermind groups and presentations are my specialty.

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    John Hyatt Solutions, LLC
  • 120 South Park Square
  • Suite 204
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • 30064
  • Phone: 404-933-1402
  • Website:

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