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At The Williams Firm, P.C. there are a number of quality “markers”in our practice. There are judicial quality markers, ethical quality markers,strategic quality markers and customer service quality markers. Ultimately, as he head of he firm, I am responsible for all of them, though other members of my team may be responsible for their implementation. I believe that the quality we provide our customers begins with clear expectations as to what is to be done, when it is to be completed, and how a task is to be done. We use client reviews, file reviews, weekly update systems, calendar reviews and conflict reviews to ensure that matters are handled as appropriately. Should a problem arise, I work directly with the client for its resolution.I believe that is important for the client hear directly from me, so that they know that I am aware of the issue and that I am going to take action toward its resolution. Clear, timely,direct communication is so very important in resolving client issues. We use prevention as a first and continuous step, and direct commmunication and action if prevention is unable to stop a problem from arising.

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    The Williams Firm, P.C.
  • 1820 The Exchange
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  • Atlanta, Ga
  • 30339
  • Phone: 770-952-5000 Ex15

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