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The 7 Minute presentations have taught me how to narrow down my thoughts. It has really made me ask myself, “What do I do?” Also, “Who am I talking to?” Prospect or Gate Opener. This definitely makes a difference and it is easier to switch mindsets because we “Practice” weekly.

Before I started thinking about narrowing my thoughts I am pretty sure my delivery sounded like a sales pitch.
I was doing a lot of networking with other people in my industry so in speaking to clients, I would forget or just totally disregard breaking down the lingo.

Looking back I am sure I made people feel uncomfortable.
I am still working at it but I feel more confident in not just using Fancy Lingo but giving people knowledge on my industry most times through story.
It is cool when your team member introduces you with a quick story on how you helped a client.

It has been great to be able to It has actually been great to “Practice” on my team.
You can get a lot through facial expressions and also the Feed Foward Cards.

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    Realty One Group Edge
  • 625 Molly Lane
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  • Woodstock, GA
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  • Phone: 404-453-3466
  • Website: http://www.realtorkashima.com

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