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I love spending time with family, riding my Harley, teaching others to ride motorcycles, learning about technology, and hearing/watching/reading a really good story. Iā€™m a complicated woman…


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The Seed of What to Ask

3 people to my left was David MacHost who does insurance for businesses.

I can imagine talking to a small business owner complaining about an employee issue.

My kindling question would be something like, “What did you do next?”

As I listen, I’d listen for them to see if they’d called their insurance carrier. I could eventually see working in a question about does your insurance cover for that particular employee issue? Then say I know a guy who could look over her policy to see if she’s covered. Bam! Referral for Dave!

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Home buyers want a dream home at the best price. Home sellers want the most money for their house. Both need an agent who knows the market and aggressively negotiates for them. And both love it to go smoothly. That’s what I’m here for

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    Keller Williams North Atlanta
  • 5780 Windward Parkway
  • Suite 100
  • Alpharetta, Georgia
  • 30004
  • Phone: 770-597-1108
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