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I have a photographic memory, I can tell you how to get somewhere by landmarks not by street names. This is my single greatest skill as I can take apart anything and put it back together. The only sport I am into is racing.

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Question: What makes you different than the dealer where I take my car.

This made me realize that customers are looking for an alternative to the dealer. I know too well that the dealer charges a lot and keeps the car for a long time to do what seems like simple repairs. I set out to create marketing to market my company as the dealer alternative and set in motion all the things that I liked from the dealer combined with fixing all the things that I did not like from the dealer.

The results is exceptional service with cost effective pricing for all vehicles while maintaining a higher level of repair.

Thank you!

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With over 40 years of combined experience our technicians know a thing or two about repairing cars. We are car enthusiasts and that is what sets us apart from your typical repair shop or dealer. Custom tailored repair for every vehicle.

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