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Married to my BFF, Paula, for 41 years who has made the journey with me from CA, VA, NC, FL and now GA. My side passion is writing and belong to the AWC and a critique group and write short stories and thrillers.

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Three people up from me would be the chiropractor of our team, Dr Haley Ray. She does a great job with her Infominutes and 7 minutes in educating us in layman’s terms that demystifies what the underlying causes are of common symptoms and pains. I would like to invite the owner of an acupressure business that could be a mutual referral source for each other’s focus of treatments.

Another good invitation for Dr. Haley would be to the owner of a soon-to-open new fitness center. They could be an excellent source for good referrals.

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Company Profile

Community Publication that is a “Social media-in print publication that unites the local businesses with the homeowners that will be interested in their products and services.

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