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I was a client of an excellent hypnotherapist before I became interested in helping others lose weight by becoming certified as a hypnotherapist myself. At 6’4″, I used to weigh 255# with a 38″ waist. I now weigh 170# with a 33″ waist.

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Mark A Straight Line: Straight

As a hypnotherapist, I have many clients that present issues stemming from high levels of stress. In many instances one of the major stress factors that exists for them is based upon financial insecurity. If one of their concerns is not having a financial plan in place for upcoming retirement security, this would be a straight line referral to Nakia Sanford to present them with possible stress relief and peace of mind through her available financial plans and services.

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A certified Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, I help people to permanently lose weight, reduce effects of stress, overcome depression, anxiety, insomnia, improve sales & sports performance & become non-smokers to name a few areas.

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    Thompson Hypnotherapy, LLC
  • Phone: 770-714-6730

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