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I once weighed 255# w/38″ waist but now I’m 170# w/33″ waist after hypnotherapy weight-loss program. I became a certified clinical/medical hypnotherapist to help others achieve this/other behavioral changes possible through hypnotherapy

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Purpose: Commander’s Intent – Hope Dream Fear

When this particular client came to see me, she told me her big desire was to lose enough weight that she could shop in the same store as her girlfriends- a clothing store called Chicos. She is in her 60s and had been “heavy” for 50 years. She started as a size 22 and began her journey to her goal of losing enough weight. She is now a size 8 after losing 113# and enjoys those Chicos trips with her friends. But she has gained so much more. She is no longer stressed out or anxious about things that bothered her before, She can now take 2 mile strolls on the beach with her friends without even straining or getting winded- something she had never been able to do before! And she is sleeping soundly and feeling more healthy than she has felt in years. I asked her recently if she could envision herself as she is now when she first came to see me for weight loss and she responded she never expected the lifestyle change she is now enjoying.

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Help people permanently lose weight, reduce effects of stress, depression, anxiety & insomnia, overcome IBS, fibromyalgia, PTSD & panic attacks, improve sales/sports performance, change negative behaviors & become non-smokers

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