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Kevin Ames is a commercial photographer serving corporate and advertising clients.

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  • Phone: 404-931-9581
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  • Introduced by Alesa Garner
  • Joined on 10/06/1995

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While “photographer” describes what people see me doing when I’m on set (studio or location) with my camera and lights, the truth is I am an active planner and doer of homework.
I spend a lot of time understanding what the story a photograph I am creating for my client has to tell. I ask a lot of questions. I provide examples from my own files or share boards created on Pinterest to get a visual understanding of a client’s wants.
I do as much preparation and planning as I can prior to providing a project proposal to my client. Once the approval is signed the real work begins. I proactively scout locations or provide lighting ideas and background concepts in the studio before the shoot. I create gear lists. I go to locations and scout where the light comes from, where power outlets are and any security arrangements. I talk with property management to find out about moving equipment through a building. I provide a certificate of insurance and then I follow up to make sure the management company has received it.
A successful photography shoot is all about the details. I work up front to get them all down well before the camera finds its way onto the tripod.

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Company Profile

A picture’s worth a thousand words. An effective photograph is priceless.
Kevin Ames is a world reknowned  commercial photographer who creates evocative images that sell products and services.

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