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Kevin Ames passion is creating photographs both as a career and as a passtime. Photography is his obsession.

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  • Phone: 404-931-9581
  • Team: Buckhead
  • Introduced by Alesa Garner
  • Joined on 10/06/1995

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I retouch every photograph I deliver. I thought every one on my team knew that. Surprise! I got several comments on Feed Forward that in fact, they assumed retouching was an extra charge item. I’ve added “retouching is included” in my infominutes periodically.
Retouching removes distractions that might pull a viewer’s attention from the story the photo is telling.

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Company Profile

A picture’s worth a thousand words. An effective photograph is priceless.
Kevin Ames is a world reknowned  commercial photographer who creates business portraits, product photos, and building exteriors and interiors.

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