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I have spent the last 13 years in the financial industry as a trusted advisor to my business clients. I partner with them to realize their financial goals. As your banking partner and advisor, you can expect me to provide well thought out

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  • Phone: 678-419-5015
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  • Joined on 04/11/2019

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The business card I reviewed was for Frank E Patterson, DC DACNB. His card distinctly described all the that he provides to his potential clients (Brain Rehabilitation and Chiropractic Neurology). His card colors are reassuring and appealing. His card is uncluttered and has all the ways I can reach him. He used his logo on the back of the card and I like it as opposed to trying to accommodate a lot on the front card.

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Founded in 1898, First Citizens Bank is one of the nation’s strongest and most stable financial institutions in the United States, providing a broad range of banking services at more than 500 locations in 19 states.
Our commitment to bui

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