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Hi there, my name is Lauren and I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, GA – I still live there now with my husband of 2 years, our two cats Mustang and Charger, and our aquatic turtle, Spunky. Here to help local businesses Thryv!

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  • Phone: 678-313-7092
  • Team: Sugarloaf
  • Introduced by Archana (Arch-na) Patel
  • Joined on 07/17/2019

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Lauren Riley, Business Advisor with Thryv…In my Infominutes I have to make sure I do not talk about too many of my services all at once or it can get confusing. So this has helped me with clients to narrow it down to the offerings that match their needs the best and what they are most interested in. Also speaking about my various clients and what best met their needs during my Infominute helps me to apply a similar recommendation to clients in the same industry, as well as reminded me to speak more often about my other client experiences and success stories. Also, speaking with my clients more often about shared referrals and offering to connect them to my Power Core team mates has started to make them more inclined to do the same for me. We also have a good referral rewards program for current clients but the last two of my clients who took advantage of this and referred a business to me were also two clients who I spoke with in depth about sharing referrals and who I also connected a few of my Power Core team mates with. I think if I had only told them about the referral reward but not also about how I wanted to help their business further by connecting them with gate openers, they may have not ended up taking the extra effort to refer me and find a good opportunity for me!

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Company Profile

As a Business Advisor, I help local businesses grow and succeed by offering customized solutions to their needs, whether that means more new leads and customers or better ways to manage and market to their current clients.

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