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“Mary Kay Consultant” is just one aspect of my fulfilling life. I’m a wife/Mom/Mimi to 3 adult daughters and a grandson. Our empty nest has a dog & 2 cats. Ken & I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and annual family vacations with the Loud Crowd.

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Better Together: And Pressure

Another reason to use clamps is to hold two pieces of wood together until the Gorilla Glue can have time to set up and work most effectively! That’s where the clamp analogy works best concerning Mary Kay products. The wrinkles didn’t appear overnight and they won’t disappear overnight either. However when my clients patiently continue to use the products, improvements can be achieved with results such as skin that is more firm and resilient, has less noticeable lines and wrinkles, and is more even-toned. So while I don’t often suggest, “Be still”, I am much more likely to advise “Be consistent” so that they will eventually get the younger-looking, healthier skin they desire.

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My best client has WTBS: Way Too Busy Syndrome. She fulfills multiple roles as wife, mother and valued employee. She understands the need for great skin care products and values the professional edge she gets from wearing cosmetics.

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