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I’ve been in the business of communications for 30+ years, but my heart is outside traveling, hiking, kayaking, running… hubby and daughters think I’m nuts so I welcome trail company. To slowdown I enjoy an audio book & a glass of wine

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Jessica Carter invited me to PC a few years ago. Unfortunately there was at the time, another business on the team who we overlapped with in a pretty big way, even though we’d have different categories, I didn’t want to “step on any toes”, so I declined the invite. Having been on a team back in 2010/2011, I understood how PC worked and just felt better about not coming back under those circumstances. After that person left the team, I jumped on the opportunity to visit, and wow I was so glad I did. Our Canton Business Leaders Team ROCKS – they were so welcoming and professional, yet fun and friendly.

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Small business owners just want to run their businesses, doing what they do best. We do too! That’s why we design and print professional products to meet their sales & marketing goals, their budget, and gives peace of mind in the process.

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