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Hi I’m Lisa Ann Landry – I’m relatively new to Atlanta and love the sunshine and walking in the park. I’ve been married 10 years and like golfing with my husband when we get a change. We also like going to comedy clubs and smooth jazz

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In my experience as a health insurance agent, I’ve learned that busy clients don’t always read their emails or their health coverage policies.

Even though I invite them to do a screen share with me so that I can explain how the plan works, many people don’t take me up on the offer.

Consequently, I’ve taken the initiative to create a 15-minute webinar that teaches my clients how the plan works. Each new client gets and a link to the webinar that they can watch at their convenience.

I’ve learned that clients who don’t understand how the plan works cancel their policies. This small step has made a significant difference in the reduction of cancelations.

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We live our mission of H.O.P.E by protecting our customers from financial hardship due to unforeseen illness or injury. It’s simple, we provide peace of mind in keeping the promise of financial protection afforded by our insurance coverage

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