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Lisa believes in helping clients achieve more to reach their vision. As a Brand Strategist Certified Business Storyteller, she brings life to their brand and inspires owners to live out the reason they went into business.

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  • Phone: 678-520-7660
  • Team: Milton
  • Introduced by Jacob Andrews
  • Joined on 01/25/2019

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It’s Easier For Each Other

The Milton team member, Russ Porter with Money Mailer, is the subject of my referral trigger. In Russ’ 7-minute presentations he traditionally helps us understand the thought and details involved to create an effective ad. A great way to show the value of Money Mailer would be to compare 3 types of advertising and the timeline for conversion. 1) Print ad (include fees for graphic designer, copywriting, production time, ad cost and ability to track. 2)Social media ad (design costs, landing page development, copywriting, tracking ability, costs and conversion rate – both time it takes and amount of revenue generated) 3)Money Mailer – process of design, details needed, touch points with sales rep(our own Russ Porter), cost per ad, time until delivery, ability to track and increased revenue. An effective handout or handoff would include graphs or timelines to compare each of the formats, client testimonials and some mention of retention rates of Money Mailer customers.

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Company Profile

Service-based business owners and personal brands need to be seen as trustworthy to close a sale. I help create a compelling brand to attract their ideal client. They can then grow their business doing what they love.

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