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I look at my role with clients as a trusted advisor but to get there, I must wear multiple hats and I think we all do in our businesses. Mot one size fits all.

1. Build rapport, find commonalities that lead to trust. This lends itself to Visitor Coordinator role and building the initial contact with visitors that lead to positive engagement and joining the team.
2. Fact find. Get the information I need to make recommendations by asking the questions. This lends itself to Membership Coordinator because when dealing with membership issues, you have to ask the questions to get to the solution.
3. Presenting the options in a educational way. Guiding and going over the results so they fully understand. This lends itself to Mentor Coordinator by educating new members on the how and why.
4. Making sure all the paperwork is in order. Everything is inputted and follow ups unfold so the clients are in the loop until policy’s are delivered. This lends itself to Participation Coordinator.
5. Sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor. This lends itself to Team Coordinator. Making sure everyone know their role, whats required and let them get done what they need done.
With all this said, I randomly prefer Team Coordinator, Mentor Coordinator and Visitor Coordinator.

Louis Agudo – Medicare Specialist
Open Door Insurance LLC

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    Open Door Insurance LLC
  • 220 Shady Marsh Trail
  • Roswell , GA - Georgia
  • 30075
  • Phone: 770-676-6141

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