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When a client comes to me, it’s because of a need. Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Coverage, Long Term Care insurance options, Medicare plans, Small Employers Benefits. They are either looking for information to be educated with or are ready to sign up for a plan. Though during my process, there are a lot of questions that lead to referral opportunities.

One is Medicare. People turning 65 don’t understand the process and it usually starts with an individual signing up for Medicare. They come to me and I explain what they have to do and where to go to get signed up with Social Security.

I am asked quite often about which doctors and dentist to go to and I refer to them. People moving in from out of state, needing new health insurance or a medicare plan because it isn’t portable. They are currently staying at a friends or inlaws and are looking for a place to live which leads me to a referral to the realtor and mortgage broker on my team.

I get a lot of questions about wills and that allows me to refer to an estate attorney. I think we just have to keep our ears open to what we hear and connect the dots to make the referral.

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