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The Seed of How (behavior)

My best client is Bob (name changed for privacy). Bob is a Builder. “Can we fix it? … Yes, we can!” Bob definitely has the “Can Do” attitude as he is extremely successful.
When I think of Bob, I think about the plethora of bookkeepers, bankers, lawyers, and multiple CPAs he keeps busy, although it is our firm, Killingsworth Spencer LLC, which is his personal CPA who reigns in everything else.
Bob gets involved in charities and loves Georgia. Bob is very kind, but does demand hard work.
Bob does not drive fancy cars or have the largest mansion in Buckhead, although he could afford it. Bob does not dress to the hilt, and his wife actually shops in thrift stores. Bob wears slacks and button-up long-sleeve shirts and generally folds up his sleeves.
Bob is an avid hunter and fisherman, and that might be the most visible behavior one might pick up on. In addition to being our biggest client, he is also the best, because he saves big time-consuming projects for months outside of tax season, respecting our other client needs at those times per year.

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