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At 14 mths I had my 1st adventure! My family immigrated from Cuba. My parents worked 2 jobs each to sponsor 13 relatives. This taught me responsibility, courage and perseverance. I have 2 amazing kids, 1 dog “Boss” and love the beach!

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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

Many of my clients engage my services to assess their business. They are trying to build revenue and attract ideal clients with confidence and ease. When they work with me, they sometimes think I can help them build a web-site or create marketing collateral, I don’t do that actual work, but I help them define what & why it is needed, that is a contrast.
I work with clients to define their niche market, understand the problems they solve, create a value-based program and develop their product offerings, once that is done, we are ready to turn on the marketing machine for their business. This is where I create a direct line to Jason Muldrow of Profit Now Solutions. As a marketing strategist he helps clients with their web-site, sales funnel, social media, campaigns etc. He takes the work I have done with the client and puts the bells & whistles on their marketing efforts. His marketing services work hand in hand in with my business coaching services and that is great for the WIN it creates for our clients.

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Company Profile

My clients are risk takers-they started a business. And achievers-they want to grow it. Now they are seeking shortcuts: success formulas, accountability partners and a 2-week vacation. My program gives them the tools they need to soar!

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