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I am from Sweden, Trained financial coach with Dave Ramsey, At heart I am an educator.research for United Nations in the area of consumer economics.
My husband is from Ethiopia, one daughter who is a professional violinist.

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  • Phone: 404-388-4694
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The crucial distinction between what is a lead and what is a referral.
The difference is that you are working in a warm market and the contact is not a surprise.
You also get more referrals from the referral than from a lead a multiplier effect

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Company Profile

Gudina Enterprises LLC is a financial coaching business, certified with Dave Ramsey Financial Coaching.
We offer lng and short term coaching.. You tell me your pain points and WHYyou want to eliminate them We work on HOW this will happen.

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    Gudina Enterprises LLC
  • 305 Bruton Way NE
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • 30342
  • Phone: 404-388-4694
  • Website:

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