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I am my kid’s dad & my wife’s husband. Historic hotelier, if I am not searching for a client, speaking engagement, or consulting gig, I am checking the scores for the Braves, United, Dawgs, or Falcons.

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Progress: Pass On – Before

My clients always have one value in place before I am a good fit: they have to know that social media is valuable and it can help them achieve their mission.

Some referrals contact me to see WHY I think social media is valuable. While I always enjoy a good conversation, this one is not one that will help either their business or mine. I cannot convince someone that they should use social media to grow their business if they harbor disdain for the platforms.

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Company Profile

I enjoy working with executives or business owners that are VERY BUSY and have found some success but know they can do more. They know that social media can help them but have not found the solution that understands them and their goals.

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  • 8097 Roswell Rd
  • Building B
  • Roswell, GA
  • 30350
  • Phone: 404-939-8094
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