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I’m a firm believer that offering compassionate care towards service and providing a “win-win” result for all parties is the best way to do business. I am happy to discuss which option is best for each of my clients.

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As a Mortgage Loan Advisor, I help people go through the mortgage process whether it is for a purchase of a new home, residential investment property or second (vacation) home. It could also be for a refinance of any of the aforementioned to lower the interest rate, shorten the remaining term, do renovations, or perhaps consolidate higher interest debt. Whatever, the need, I counsel the borrower on the best approach and loan program to fit their needs and goals.

In order to add value, I spend time up front learning about my borrowers and what they value. They must be engaged in the process to provide them the most benefit.

There are several ways to tackle the needs and goals of a borrower. It is not always rate and costs that should be a determinate in deciding the best lenders. Many times, there are several ways to approach how to best structure a mortgage to best serve the borrower.

Membership or Visitor Coordinator would both be positions to utilize my experience as a communicator and in growing business.

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Everyone’s situation is different. Like people, not all loans are the same. When you choose us as your mortgage loan provider, we take your specific circumstances into consideration to help find the best financing options for you.

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