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Preparing for that next step in life isn’t always easy. My combination of experience, professionalism and access to a wide variety of products and services can help you meet your financial goals, estate strategies and insurance needs. Whe

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I received a question on a feedback card regarding whether or not you can have multiple ROTH IRAs. Since I talk about the different types of retirement accounts very often, that question was surprising. First off, ROTH IRAs simply mean that you are putting money into an investment account with After Tax Dollars, but the growth is all Tax Free. (The current limit for 2020 is $6,000 if under 50 yrs old and $7,000 if over 50 yrs old.) If someone chooses, they can create a new ROTH every year with a different custodian or they can contribute to the same ROTH each year with the same custodian. Since this comment came to me, I have updated my monthly newsletter to my current clients to have a ROTH Rules News Letter every November to prepare my clients to prepare to contribute to their ROTH for the coming year end. For new prospects, when I send them information on all of the different retirement plans, I am sure to include a ROTH rules sheet with that information. Cheers to getting new referrals! Mark Magee, Financial Advisor.

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