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I am the proud husband of Karen, a hard working realtor, and proud father of three boys, Colin, 24, Iain, 21, and Will, 16. I enjoy the occasional round of golf and fun family travel.

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My essentials for business success begin with communication. My entire team, starting with my investigator and paralegal, keep transparent lines of communication constantly open. It is ultimately my responsibility to evaluate a case and prepare it for settlement or trial, but it starts with my team who make sure that a client’s needs, both medical and everyday, are utmost in my firm’s mind.

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After 27 years of representing individuals and families that have been injured through no fault of their own, I know what my client wants and needs…responsiveness. I always return telephone calls and e mails.

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    Mark Thomas Injury Lawyer
  • 352 Sandy Springs Circle
  • Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • 30328
  • Phone: 404-523-8000
  • Website:

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