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Well, I don’t know about being my favorite or most enjoyable, and they certainly weren’t my most profitable client…but is always rewarding…Big Johnny came to us because many years ago, when he was Little Johnny, he got arrested after he was pulled over and the police found drugs in his car. He went to court without a lawyer and plead guilty to the charge, never having been informed of his options. Nowadays, after some great criminal justice reforms, the law allows us to seek retroactive application of Georgia’s 1st offender law to cases that have jacked up a person’s criminal record preventing them from any number of things ranging from getting better jobs to finding housing. We were able to get 1st offender applied to Big Johnny’s case, his record was sealed, and he was able to get that promotion he was seeking at work.

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Cohen & Hirsch is primarily a criminal defense trial practice. I represent people at all stages of the criminal justice process: from arrest to bond hearings, preliminary hearings to arraignment, plea agreements, motions and trial.

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