Matthew Underwood - Physical Therapist

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  • Phone: 404-735-0857
  • Team: Decatur
  • Introduced by Dan DeWoskin
  • Joined on 05/14/2019

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I have not invited a classification of administrative services/scheduler. Paul Thompson is a fantastic electrician who provides fabulous service. I think they could be of value to each other, because Paul is getting busier and as far as I know still manages most of scheduling and calls himself. He will probably reach a point where this is no longer beneficial and/or possible. Someone who offers remote administrative services might be eager to check out group with someone like Paul in it who is running a one man show.

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    Atlanta Back Clinic
  • 1841 Montreal Rd.
  • #110
  • Decatur, GA
  • 30084
  • Phone: 404-735-0857

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