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Accurate: Increase the Distance

Sometimes a home buyer is lucky enough to get to be part of the building process from the ground up. In those cases, I recommend two inspections – a rough framing (or pre-drywall) where we get to see the build before insulation is put in. That inspection requires specialization and code certification, so I work with clients on keeping our schedule up to date with the builder’s estimate on the home’s readiness.

When the home is ready for occupancy, the client is ready for the final inspection, which is performance based. We’ve seen the pipes, now we run the water. We’ve seen the electrical wiring, now we run the power.

At that inspection, I recommend Radon testing. This home has never existed before, it’s especially important to know the Radon levels or this client may end up paying for mitigation when they sell the property or experiencing health conditions. That test takes at least 48 hours to complete. Often when we do our second inspection, the property isn’t quite ready for closed conditions, so we will postpone the test until it is to ensure the client gets accurate results.

What really creates even more distance is the few times new construction won’t be completely ready until a day or so before closing, sometimes the builder waits to install the a compressor or appliances. In those rare cases, we will make a return visit to finish the final inspection at no extra cost to the client.

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