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I try and make sure that I make the time to pursue the other passions outside of my Career (which I love). My family (including my dogs), Guitar/music and volunteering my time to give back to the community. Pay it forward!

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Continuity: A Laser has to be Calibrated

I often find issues with the roof during my inspections. Being that roofs are a big deal (can sometimes be a deal killer). I ask my clients “do you have a roofer that you know and trust?” Many times they say no. This is a perfect opportunity for me to be able to refer the roofer on our Team, John Immke. I explain the not only is he (his company) a great company, but honest. This is a big deal to provide my clients a roofer who will treat them fairly and honestly!

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My Clients: They want someone that they can trust. That serve their needs and inspect the structure they are buying and not buying a “money pit. Have someone explain the conditions found in a way they can understand and know the facts.

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