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I take great pride in the work we do for our clients. A merry heart doeth good like a prescription, so I like to laugh and make others laugh. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest!

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  • Phone: 678-371-3970
  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by Carrie Jones
  • Also Introduced by Dr. Mark Sheridan
  • Joined on 10/18/2011

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When a client asks me if I know someone who does something they need, I think of a person or company who cam fill that need. The second thing I look for is will the person I refer to my client take good care of them and do what is required so my client has a great experience with them. The third thing I look for is did the person or company I refer to my client actually do what they said they would do to meet the need of my client.

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Company Profile

Our clients like light-so they have big windows. They like to relax outdoors with family and friends-so they have decks. And they have long to-do lists, so they delegate cleaning the windows, staining the decks, & clearing the gutters to me

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