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Native Atlantan who escaped for a few years to pursue the dream of working in sports in various MiLB front offices. I have a passion for connecting with new people and also trying new restaurants. Can also be found on the tennis courts.

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Curved or Straight

We fall in the middle price tier and our basic plan at $299/monthly is actually a lot lower than the majority of our competition. With what we provide we can be a full service Digital Marketing Agency where we cover Local/SEO, Review Marketing, Online Paid Ads, and Social Media. But we like the approach of fitting in where it makes sense for a client’s budget and expectations. I take the consultative approach and really listen to what each client needs. One client could just be starting their business and needs to build a foundation first. Another could solely be focused on leads coming to them. Hearing those expectations tells me what plan I recommend and also how much they should be spending. I always want to be transparent and tell them exactly what they are getting at each price point. Transparency and a relationship are the main key points I want a client to know they are getting when they partner with me.

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RevLocal is the leader in personalized digital marketing. Helping businesses always be found, always be chosen, and always easy to work with, online. Google Premier Partner.

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