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Native Atlantan who escaped for a few years to pursue the dream of working in sports in various MiLB front offices. I have a passion for connecting with new people and also trying new restaurants. Can also be found on the tennis courts.

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Row Markers Save Time

My newest favorite client came from a PowerCore referral. Original Pancake House changed ownership last year and was at a cross roads of how to start reaching new customers and younger customers. Matt Hirsch overhead the new owners trying to figure out what to do about online reviews and Facebook and that was the trigger for him to introduce me into the conversation.
We started to focus on helping them show up on Google for lunch restaurants and brunch restaurants since they were mainly known as just a breakfast spot. They added wifi and other millenial friendly menu items to attract a younger audience. We responded and actively asked their customers for online reviews which helped them get chosen over the other competition in the area.
Coming up on their year of working with us, they decided to add their second Original Pancake location in Stone Mountain to RevLocal’s services.
Since their time with us they have seen a big increase in customers for lunch and brunch. Majority of people came early in the morning and left. Now they have a steady stream of customers through breakfast and lunch. The owners and managers commented they had definitely seen an increase in their bottom line since adding our services over a year ago.

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RevLocal is the leader in personalized digital marketing. Helping businesses always be found, always be chosen, and always easy to work with, online. Google Premier Partner.

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