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If I’m not answering the phone, I’m most likely out riding on the Comet or one of the mountain trails. Don’t worry, the bikes always find their way home. And for the days when I’m feeling something else, there’s always photography.

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  • Phone: 404-425-4554
  • Team: Cumberland
  • Introduced by Scott Panyi
  • Joined on 04/19/2006

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Brock Cline from Insperity was the card that I picked. It uses a combination of blue and green printing. The company name is in blue which is a color that represents stability and longevity – some of the best brands in the country use blue for their branding – IBM and Sub-Zero to name a few. Brock’s business card has that feel. The other item I noticed is that Brock had all of his contact information on the card – office/mobile/fax but also his business address – if my clients want to contact Brock, it’s as easy as picking up his card and making a choice.

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Company Profile

My customers want the conveniences they have lived without while they raised their family. They want the kitchen that’s a joy to prepare holiday meals in and a master bathroom that’s a relaxing space where they can wind down.

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