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I got into the personal injury field to help make our community safer by holding others accountable for their actions. Currently I am President of the Paulding County Bar Association and in my free time I enjoy hiking, hunting, and golfing.

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  • Phone: 770-823-3498
  • Team: Paulding
  • Introduced by Dr. Warren Smith
  • Joined on 03/27/2019

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Purpose: Commander’s Intent – Drill Bit vs. Hole

When getting client’s ready for depositions one of the biggest fears I hear is that my client’s are worried about having their words twisted/answering a question wrong. To overcome these fears I prepare my client’s through multiple sessions of role play so that they know what to expect. I also explain that there is not wrong answer as all they need to do is be “Truthful Question Answers”. Telling the truth is easy and doesn’t take much to remember. By the end of our prep session the client felt confident and come their deposition knocked it out of the park.

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We represent the victims of other people’s negligence, or in other words irresponsibility. Personal Injury is all we do. Victims of wrecks need to focus on getting their health back and can let us deal with the legal headache of everythin

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    Lonati Law Firm, P.C.
  • 110 Evans Mill Drive
  • Suite 101
  • Dallas, GA
  • 30157
  • Phone: 678-363-3500
  • Website: https://www.lonatilaw.com/

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