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When I’m not fighting for my clients, I enjoy reading, creative writing, and finding any reason to be outside.

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As a personal injury lawyer, it is important that whatever news I deliver is timely. So the first thing I do is make sure I notify clients right away if there is bad news. Letting bad news linger usually only makes things worse. Next, I make sure that I hit the problem head-on. “I’m sorry Mr. Client, but I have some bad news about your case …” Trying to be subtle or indirect only confuses the issue. Finally, I make sure that the news is delivered in a compassionate way. Bad news in my field usually impacts clients in a very personal way, so I deliver the news with understanding and tact. Clients are always grateful that you were direct with them and appreciate a lawyer that shows compassion.

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My clients keep missing their doctors’ appointments. They are in pain after the crash and know they need to get treatment, but between their work schedule and keeping up with their kids’ schedules, it is too much.

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    Steele Law, LLC
  • 3340 Peachtree Road
  • Suite 1800
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30326
  • Phone: 770-872-8264

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