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I am married to a wonderful women – Elisa. We live in Woodstock and are recent empty nesters. We are very proud of our three children who are on their own journeys to personal and professional success. I enjoy playing golf and tennis.

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Its easy to brag about our CPA Jayden Doye. Jayden is an extremely well qualified and knowledgeable CPA. He can handle any type of client especially those with complex tax issues. He continues to learn and add to his knowledge base. His slogan sums up the big benefit a client gets by working with him – they will pay less in taxes to the IRS.

His knowledge and attention to detail to uncover key aspects of the tax laws that would benefit clients would lend well as Team Coordinator. He has the ability to see the BIG PICTURE while simultaneously be involved in the intimate detail.

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My ideal client desires a long term relationship with a trusted advisor who gets to know them, educates them and helps them retire when they want to, live their desired life style and helps transfer their wealth in a tax advantaged manner

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    Edward Jones
  • 6000 Lake Forrest Drive
  • Suite 285
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • 30328
  • Phone: 678-480-7000

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