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I am a “citified country girl”, born and raised here in Atlanta. After 4years as a Kansas Jayhawk, and 14 years as a professional athlete, there was still no place like home.
One word to describe my business philosophy-TEAM WORK

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Recently, as client mentioned custody issues that made him very emotional. I told him about a good friend who had similar issues and asked If he wanted to be connected. He replied the he was not “ready to talk”. I waited about a week, and sent a joint email introduction without relaying specific information about his situation as if it was a casual connection. I suggested they connect and talk shop because their industries were parallel. I received a glowing thank you from the client, he figured out what I had done after speaking with the contact and applauded my discreet intro. I think he recognized how much I cared about his situation and was thankful for the nudge in the direction of support. Now he is almost ready for a family law attorney, and I look forward to supporting him with a direct referral in that way.

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While other financial services companies typically focus on the wealthy, Primerica serves Main Street families in neighborhoods all across North America.
We take a true educational approach to help our clients achieve their goals.

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