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Although I’m classified under hypnotherapy, my expertise is in EFT, a method of tapping on acupuncture points which relieves emotional and physical pain. One of my greatest joys is seeing a client leave my office stress free and happy.

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  • Team: Perimeter
  • Introduced by Iyali Ruiz-Tran
  • Joined on 10/14/2008

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Mark A Straight Line: Know

Maiya Safikovs is a family law attorney. What I know about her is she’s personally the nicest person in the world but an absolute bulldog for her clients. Unlike many attorneys, she’s accessible as well and makes a practice of answering every phone call and text in a timely manner. The people I’ve referred to her cannot say enough good things about her. What I don’t know about her is how many hours she has to put in to do the kind of job her clients rave about.

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BHW&W was designed to do exactly that: help people create physical and emotional health, monetary and other types of wealth and abundance, and to make positive wise life decisions.

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    Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
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