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Certified Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Medical Hypnosis
Certified Master’s in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy

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  • Phone: 770-882-9574
  • Team: 78 Corridor
  • Introduced by Ilana Weismark
  • Joined on 12/11/2015

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Getting together for coffee always gives me the opportunity to learn about the visitor’s business and help them to understand mine. This often leads to follow-up visits and referrals. It pays to grow one’s field of businesses to refer, get referral, and make gate openers.

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  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • GateOpener 101
  • 7-Minute Workshop Presentation
  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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  • Rosy Douglas

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Company Profile

Behavioral Change
Permanent Solutions through Hypnosis

Helping clients to improve their lives through hypnosis.

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    Behavioral Change Permanent Solutions through Hypnosis
  • 1543 Lilburn-Stone Mountain Road
  • Suite 105
  • Stone Mountain, GA
  • 30047
  • Phone: 770-882-9574

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