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It’s Okay to Say No Thank You

1. A connection that is not good for me would be someone who is not ready to make a decision, that person who is more kicking the tires trying to feel out the field first.
2. The client I would take in as a favor would probably be that person who wants something for free whether it be a free inspection or diagnostic maybe new to a home so they are not ready to spend money in the beginning but hopefully will call me when ready.
3. The business profile I look for most is the prepared client or at least someone that can finance a job, its not fun to go and spend time and effort to sale a job just to find out there is no money or means of acquiring money.
4. The scope of business that would help me grow the most would probably be a property management company with a large list of clients looking for not only replacement options but long term service as well.

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    Trinity Air
  • 101 TDK Boulevard
  • Suite D
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • 30269
  • Phone: 770-486-1919
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