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30 years in corporate America prepared me for a small business opportunity in the Portable Storage business. When I am not helping customers,I’ll be spending time with my kids, grandkids, or at the golf course!

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In the Storage business, there is no Pro-Rating of the cost of a month. The rule is you bill on the anniversary date, and are responsible for another full month.

Since I joined SmartBox we instituted a “Grace Period” of 3 days to allow for small exceptions. For example
if your Anniversary date falls on a Sunday or Holiday when we are not running, we do not hold you responsible.
The 3 days allows for pick up to be completed & the customer to not feel penalized. To my knowledge we are the only ones in the industry to do this

I instituted the policy in the Atlanta market, and the Franchisor has shared with the rest of the country. The benefit to me & SmartBox is it shows a willingness to work with the customer. The benefit to the customer is it saves them a full month’s storage for a day or two of use.

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SmartBox is the affordable & efficient solution to all of your moving & storage needs. Touch it once when you pack & the touch it again when you unpack!

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