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Action: Manual

In General Construction we still literally use tools that were used to build the first houses. So the manual part of this trigger is literal.
With that said, technology has played its part. Whether it is improving tools, building products or overall communication. It has been very positive for the industry.
One area where there is a disconnect is on shows on TV and the effect it has on homeowners. Using 3 line items to go through a flip or flop is a pretty vague way to look at any project. There are hundreds to thousands of line items that go into most general contracting projects. Simplifying that is a true value add for us. Helping our clients make that decision quickly and decisively is key to any successful project.

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Company Profile

Big Sky Construction Services, provides the professional installation of high-quality interior and exterior products.Big Sky Construction Services offers a full menu of construction services for both our Commercial and Residential clients.

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    Big Sky General Contractors
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