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I’ve blessed to be in a career I love since 2006. Banking/Lending have allowed me to truly help people thrive in life. I’ve been married for 9 years & have 2 beautiful children who are involved in dance, soccer, tumbling & cub scouts!

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Accurate: How Do They Know

What’s new and current is virtual banking for loans. Consumer customers can now do a lot of different applications without ever talking or meeting directly with someone. This can be a very quick process and done at any time of the day so it can be very convenient for our customers. Business customers as well as consumers still can do banking directly with a banker. I prefer this method because they have an actual human in front of them so it allows them to ask questions as well as an expert who can ensure they are selecting the correct loan for what they are financing. A lot of times people finance long term debt in products that are meant for short term debt and that can cost them more money in interest over time. Short term debt products, such as a line of credit, do not have set payments that are meant to pay the debt off over a certain amount of time and are a lot of time time’s just ‘interest only’ payments. Customers don’t always realize that when making interest only payments they are not reducing the principle loan balance that they started with.

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Your business isn’t just a way to make ends meet- it’s your passion, your dream! That’s why I am committed to helping you & your business achieve success. I get to know you & work with you so that your business is efficient & profitable!

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    Synovus Bank
  • 75 Metromont Rd
  • Hiram, Ga
  • 30127
  • Phone: 770-577-3517
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