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I am mom to a chihuahua mix and two kitties. I was also blessed to care for an elderly special needs doggie until he went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2019. I am an actress and love to dance salsa and swing whenever I get a chance!


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My business is still new I am continually thinking of creative ways to increase my visibility and tell the world that I’m here to serve!

I recently partnered with several other women in the health and wellness space to offer a free webinar in late Nov/early Dec. We will each cover different topics in health and wellness — mine of course being plant-based living!

Our marketing materials are just about ready to be socialized and we will be defining the final date today. I’m looking forward to it!

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Susan wanted to improve her health and knew a plant-based diet could help, but wasn’t sure where to begin. After coaching she now knows how to make better food choices at mealtime and has gained helpful insights into how to talk to family.

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