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Accurate: How Do They Know

As an Educational Advocate, a new option in my industry is the use of a cell phone to record the audio of an Individualized Education Program Meeting. The older counterpart is a cassette recorder. Recording an IEP Meeting assists the family in completely understanding the events of the meeting to recall all that was discussed, as many times this can become an overwhelming experience. The recording can also help to clarify the minutes upon their return to the parents after the meeting. This can also serve as support for services when an item has been omitted from the minutes.
I prefer the newer recording on a cell phone as that produces a clearer recording with the ability of digital storage, thus removing the possibility of warping and distortion with age. This method also allows for digital transmission to my clients via email of the recordings from their child’s IEP meeting. This ability offers credibility to my services as not many others are utilizing this as a part of service to clients.

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