Patrick Rodman - Cleaning Service – Commercial

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  • Phone: 678-438-7076
  • Team: Cumberland
  • Introduced by Meagan Farley
  • Joined on 11/19/2015

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On Letterhead

I pulled Jim Duelmer’s card of Vinings Mortgage. The first thing I notice when I pick the card up is that the stock is a high quality. That tells me that the Jim doesn’t cut corners when it comes to doing business. The card also has every way of contacting him and his outfit at Vinings Mortgage save for a smoke signal. That tells me that Jim is someone who not only wants to be able for his clients to reach him but that he will leave no stone unturned in the pursuit.

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  • 3 year
  • TeamCoOrdinator
  • ParticipationCoOrdinator
  • MentorCoOrdinator
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  • InfoMinute Seminar

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