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  • Introduced by Sam Wilson
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I was invited to the meeting from Sam Wilson who I had know from church and had partnered with in my business. He did a great job in preparing me for the meeting, explaining how the meeting flowed and to expect a lot of clapping.
I was really impressed with how structured the meeting was and how well prepared everyone seemed to be. The infominutes were professional and informative. I felt like they truly shared information about their business as compared to other networking groups I had visited where it seemed they were only trying to sell you something. I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of to grow my skills as well as my business. I look at PowerCore as not only a way to grow my business with receiving referrals but a way to be able to service my clients better by becoming a resource for them.
When I talk with someone about visiting I really try and emphasize the benefits I receive from PowerCore and how this team truly wants to see all of its members successful!

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