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In the mortgage industry most everything we do needs to be precise. When I first talk with a client to qualify them for a mortgage I will not only review their credit and loan application, but I also find it important to verify their income by collecting current paystubs and W2s.
I had a client that was a W2 employee but also received a quarterly bonus. In order to use bonus income we must have a 2 year history of receiving bonuses and average that figure over the 2 years. He provided me a figure that he thought was his average bonus income, however his ratios were really tight. So before advising him to go and look for a home I had his employer complete a verification of employment to make sure we were using the correct income to qualify him for his new home purchase. After receiving the completed VOE we found out he was actually making $2000 more in bonuses than previously thought. This discovery allowed my borrower to qualify for a higher priced home which allowed him to purchase the home, with all the extras he really wanted.

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