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Husband to an amazing wife, father to two wonderful children, entrepreneur, and I get to do something great for my community. I’m a lucky guy!

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Accurate: Increase the Distance

Face to face time and keeping good relationships with our sponsors is one of my top priorities as a publisher for Morningside Neighbors magazine. One of the ways I do this consistently is by dropping off a magazine in person to their office every month. As you can imagine, there are businesses all over the metro area who want to do business with the people in Morningside, and we have sponsors as far out as Alpharetta, which means at least an hour of drive time for me to make this simple drop-off. But it’s worth every second to make sure my sponsors know I’m always keeping them in mind and they can always have a face to face conversation with me whenever needed.

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Company Profile

From a business perspective: Morningside Neighbors magazine is a phenomenal marketing tool for any business who values the types of customers/potential customers in our neighborhood (affluent homeowners with families).

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    Morningside Neighbors Magazine
  • 776 Amsterdam Ave NE
  • Atlanta, Ga
  • 30306
  • Phone: 404-971-0350
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