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Whether I’m going to a Braves game with my niece, cooking out with friends or working with clients my goal is always to enjoy myself.


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I installed a radon mitigation system for David and Mary a while back. We were the first contractors to help them in their new home.

Shortly after several issues were discovered in the house. The other contractors did some poor work and they didn’t know what to do. So the called me for referrals to fix the various issues. I went over the next day and was able to hook the up with a roofer, a flooring contractor and a handy-man.

Now they call at least every six months for help with some home repair/maintenance issue.

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My clients are health conscience homeowners that want the best possible air quality in their homes. Their teenager or parent may be moving into the basement. They want the peace of mind and knowledge that their family members are safe!

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