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I am a REALTOR who’s mission is to help my clients achieve their personal and financial goals through real estate.

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Protégé: Process – Evaluation

With my business of residential real estate, the mid-point is a quiet time when the lender and closing attorney are doing their things and my clients and I are in a holding pattern. I have several questions for them regarding if they have scheduled their utilities, the movers, and if they have treated themselves with some form of self care. The home buying and selling process will be stressful. At the point where there is a little breathing room in the process, it is a good time to check on details that the clients may not be focusing on and to make sure they are taking care of themselves. They sometimes don’t realize how much they are holding on to or worry until the take a moment to relax and treat themselves to a massage or a pedicure or just a meditation break.

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